Datasets / Spending / 2013

On this page you can see the state of open data for Spending in all the places for which we have information.

Dataset Description

A complete list of city expenditures at a detailed transactional level (including: tax breaks, loans, contracts, grants, and operational spending). Records of actual (past) municipal spending at a detailed transactional level, for example, at the level of month to month expenditure on specific items (usually this means individual records of spending amounts at a fairly granular level - e.g. $5-50k rather than at the $1m+ level). Note: a database of contracts awarded is not considered sufficient. This data category refers to detailed ongoing data on actual expenditures. (More info)

Place Score Breakdown Year Location (URL) Information
Abilene, TX - Closed
Albuquerque, NM - Closed
Anchorage, AK - Closed
Ann Arbor, MI - Closed
Arlington, VA - Closed
Asheville, NC - Closed
Athens, GA - Closed
Atlanta, GA - Closed
Austin, TX - Closed
Baltimore, MD - Closed
Bangor, ME - Closed
Baton Rouge, LA - Closed
Bell, CA - Closed
Birmingham, AL - Closed
Blacksburg, VA - Closed
Boise, ID - Closed
Boston, MA - Closed
Boulder, CO - Closed
Bridgeport, CT - Closed
Burbank, CA - Closed
Burlington, VT - Closed
Calabasas, CA - Closed
Cary, NC - Closed
Cedar Falls, IA - Closed
Charlotte, NC - Closed
Chattanooga, TN - Closed
Chesapeake, VA - Closed
Chicago, IL - Closed
Cincinnati, OH - Closed
Cleveland, OH - Closed
Columbus, OH - Closed
Compton, CA - Closed
Culver City, CA - Closed
Dallas, TX - Closed
Dayton, OH - Closed
DeLand, FL - Closed
Deer Lodge, MT - Closed
Denton, TX - Closed
Denver, CO - Closed
Detroit, MI - Closed
Durham, NC - Closed
El Segundo, CA - Closed
Evanston, IL - Closed
Falls Church, VA - Closed
Ferndale, MI - Closed
Fort Lauderdale, FL - Closed
Fredericksburg, VA - Closed
Gainesville, FL - Closed
Glendale, CA - Closed
Grand Rapids, MI - Closed
Greenville, NC - Closed
Hampton, VA - Closed
Hartford, CT - Closed
Honolulu, HI - Closed
Houston, TX - Closed
Huntsville, AL - Closed
Jacksonville, FL - Closed
Jersey City, NJ - Closed
Johns Creek, GA - Closed
Kansas City, MO - Closed
Kent County, MI - Closed
Key Biscayne, FL - Closed
Las Vegas, NV - Closed
Lexington, KY - Closed
Lincoln, NE - Closed
Long Beach, CA - Closed
Los Angeles, CA - Closed
Louisville, KY - Closed
Madison, WI - Closed
Malibu, CA - Closed
Manhattan Beach, CA - Closed
Mesa, AZ - Closed
Miami-Dade County, FL - Closed
Minneapolis, MN - Closed
Missoula, MT - Closed
Montgomery, AL - Closed
Nashville, TN - Closed
New Orleans, LA - Closed
New York City, NY - Closed
Newport News, VA - Closed
Norfolk, VA - Closed
Oakland, CA - Closed
Oklahoma City, OK - Closed
Palo Alto, CA - Closed
Pasadena, CA - Closed
Philadelphia, PA - Closed
Phoenix, AZ - Closed
Pittsburgh, PA - Closed
Poquoson, VA - Closed
Portland, ME - Closed
Portland, OR - Closed
Portsmouth, VA - Closed
Princeton, NJ - Closed
Providence, RI - Closed
Raleigh, NC - Closed
Richmond, VA - Closed
Rolling Hills Estates, CA - Closed
Sacramento, CA - Closed
Salt Lake City, UT - Closed
San Antonio, TX - Closed
San Diego, CA - Closed
San Francisco, CA - Closed
San Jose, CA - Closed
San Juan, PR - Closed
Santa Clarita, CA - Closed
Santa Monica, CA - Closed
Savannah, GA - Closed
Seattle, WA - Closed
Smithfield, VA - Closed
Spartanburg, SC - Closed
St. Cloud, FL - Closed
St. Louis, MO - Closed
St. Paul, MN - Closed
Suffolk, VA - Closed
Summit, NJ - Closed
Tacoma, WA - Closed
Tampa, FL - Closed
Toledo, OH - Closed
Tulsa, OK - Closed
Tuscaloosa, AL - Closed
Vallejo, CA - Closed
Vernon, CA - Closed
Virginia Beach, VA - Closed
Washington, DC - Closed
West Covina, CA - Closed
West Hollywood, CA - Closed
West Sacramento, CA - Closed
Whittier, CA - Closed
Williamsburg, VA - Closed
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  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data