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In March 2016, the City Council of the City of Santa Monica adopted Ordinance No. 2511 (CCS) establishing Santa Monica Municipal Code (SMMC) Chapter 4.85 requiring lobbyists to register with the City Clerk's Office. Pursuant to SMMC Section 4.85.010, “Lobbyist” means any individual who receives economic consideration as the employee, representative or contract of a person or entity other than the City of Santa Monica for communicating with any official or employee of the City for the purpose of influencing a legislative or administrative action. For purposes of Chapter 4.85, “Lobbyist” does not include City contractors and those seeking city contracts through bids and proposals. A lobbyist shall annually register with the City Clerk, no later than ten days after qualifying as a Lobbyist. Registration is valid through June 30th and must be renewed annually.

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Lobbyist logs are up to date, but it seems only available as a pdf. (It's a table in the pdf doc)

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