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Data Location


There is a public facing lobbyist tracking system that has the following data information: Lobbyist Details, Client Details and Issue Details for the current year only.

There are data elements missing that would aid in information transparency including but not limited to: Filing Year, Compensation, LobbyistID, Lobbyist Employer Details (no client),

Data Format is in searchable form that is paginated based on results with no ability to download results or grab in bulk for current year.

Previous years' data is available in PDF files with limited information. It's not clear if there was a transition to a new system that will offer better historical reporting.

Lobbyist Tracking System URL -> Lobbyist Overview Page ->

Opportunity to check the State of Florida Ethics site to see if additional information is captured and categorized by the state->

The Public Accountability Office's own Alexis Lambert has provided initial information and is a good source for other data elements.

Reviewer comments

This is the first submission for the city of Jacksonville, FL. It was submitted and reviewed by Brandon Warner and should be reviewed by another party for accuracy but is being published to demonstrate a full submission.

Data Availability

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