Top-level government officials’ financial assets, including: name of top-level government officials, title, investment information, prior and current business relationships, real estate interests, and personal income (including gifts and travel or speaking payments). (More info)

Data Location


The Ohio Ethics Commission has retained all of the financial disclosure statements filed with it since 1975. Most of those statements are public records and you can request copies of them as electronic or paper documents. All statements reflect financial information for the complete calendar year preceding the year in which they are filed. In other words, a 1975 statement reflects financial information for 1975 and was filed in 1976. A 2012 statement reflects financial information for 2012 and was filed in 2013. All statements for 1974 to 2003 are retained by State Historical Society at its Archives/Library. To request a copy of these statements, you must contact the Historical Society directly:

Ohio Historical Society 800 East 17th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43211 Telephone: 614.297.2300 Website: Archives Page:

The Archives charges for each page of any record requested. For more information about charges, please contact the Archives.

More recently filed statements are retained by and available directly from the Ethics Commission. To obtain a copy of any statement filed between 2004 and now, please contact the Commission and provide the following information:

Name of the person who filed the statement; Public position in which the filer serves or served; Public agency that the filer serves or served; and The calendar year of information you are seeking.

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