Top-level government officials’ financial assets, including: name of top-level government officials, title, investment information, prior and current business relationships, real estate interests, and personal income (including gifts and travel or speaking payments). (More info)

Data Location


While this data is collected and available by public information request, no openly posted dataset is available to the public.

Texas State code restricts the distribution Personal Financial Statements of Elected Officials to Public Requests.

Reviewer comments

As noted above, Texas State code restricts the distribution of Personal Finance Statements of Elected officials to Public Requests. So the data exists is available in digital form and is free. Though, because of the requirements of a Public Request, this data set does not meet the other requirements

Data Availability

  • ? Openly licensed
  • Y Is the data available for free
  • N Is the data machine readable
  • ? Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis
  • N Available in bulk
  • N Publicly available
  • ? Is the data available online
  • Y Does the data exist
  • Y Is data in digital form
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


Date the data became available   Unknown
Format of data   Unknown
Reviewer   Robert Quatier
Submitters   Mireya Galarza
Last modified   Mon May 16 2016 21:45:14 GMT+0000 (UTC)