A directory of all licensed businesses in the municipal area, including key information such as: name, address, contact information, business type. (More info)

Data Location



Corporations (Officials and Agents, Business Licenses and Tobacco Endorsements, and Professional Licenses) are downloadable in bulk. Quality of the data is high.

Data Availability

  • ? Openly licensed
  • Y Is the data available for free
  • Y Is the data machine readable
  • ? Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis
  • Y Available in bulk
  • Y Publicly available
  • Y Is the data available online
  • Y Does the data exist
  • Y Is data in digital form
  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • No data


Date the data became available   1993
Format of data   CSV
Reviewer   Rebecca Williams
Submitters   Ahernance L
Last modified   Sun Feb 23 2014 23:35:02 GMT+0000 (UTC)