A complete list of city expenditures at a detailed transactional level (including: tax breaks, loans, contracts, grants, and operational spending). Records of actual (past) municipal spending at a detailed transactional level, for example, at the level of month to month expenditure on specific items (usually this means individual records of spending amounts at a fairly granular level - e.g. $5-50k rather than at the $1m+ level). Note: a database of contracts awarded is not considered sufficient. This data category refers to detailed ongoing data on actual expenditures. (More info)

Data Location



The San Francisco Controller's Office maintains a database of spending and revenue data sourced from it's citywide financial system. This data is presented on the Spending and Revenue report hosted at https://openbook.sfgov.org, and is also available in this dataset in the formats above/below. New data is added on a weekly basis, and is available from fiscal year 2000 forward.

Export this dataset in one of many formats (csv, xls, xml, JSON, pdf) via the 'export' button at the address given. This dataset is also Socrata API-enabled, for easy, custom-aggregated, and/or custom-filtered application consumption.

For more info on this San Francisco department, visit: https://openbook.sfgov.org/

For more info on using the Socrata API, visit: https://dev.socrata.com/foundry/data.sfgov.org/q8w3-rsdh

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