Outcomes of food safety inspections of restaurants and other similar providers of food to the public. (More info)

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The Health Department has developed an inspection report and scoring system. After conducting an inspection of the facility, the Health Inspector calculates a score based on the violations observed. Violations can fall into:high risk category: records specific violations that directly relate to the transmission of food borne illnesses, the adulteration of food products and the contamination of food-contact surfaces.moderate risk category: records specific violations that are of a moderate risk to the public health and safety.low risk category: records violations that are low risk or have no immediate risk to the public health and safety.The score card that will be issued by the inspector is maintained at the food establishment and is available to the public in this dataset.

San Francisco's LIVES restaurant inspection data leverages the LIVES Flattened Schema (https://goo.gl/c3nNvr), which is based on LIVES version 2.0, cited on Yelp's website (https://www.yelp.com/healthscores).

Export in one of many formats (csv, xls, xml, JSON, pdf) via the 'export' button. This dataset is also Socrata API-enabled, for easy, custom-aggregated, and/or custom-filtered application consumption.

For more info on using the Socrata API, visit: https://dev.socrata.com/foundry/data.sfgov.org/sipz-fjte

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