City crime report data, preferably at a reasonably disaggregated level. (More info)

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RMS Crime Data (incidents by type, date, day and time) - This data set will be leveraged for public use, obfuscating the address number through rounding it to the 100 block.

OF NOTE: The data provided is not comprehensive of all crime data tracked by the Mesa Police Department. Due to the fact that this data is provided in context of address/location, the following crimes are not being reported in the provided data set:

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Conduct with Minor
  • Suicide
  • Incest
  • Molestation of a Child
  • Homicide

The City of Mesa does not wish to disclose information that is inflammatory in nature that impacts our citizens. It is also worth noting that crimes reported in this data set have not been adjudicated in a court of law for final determination.

Additionally, this information is provided through the CrimeReports website. This 3rd party website can be used to visually review crime data for Mesa and outlining areas.

Some of the data fields provided are used to report to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. For a listing of data fields and description please see their UCR Program Data Collections page. Alternatively, please see the Bureau of Justice Statistics – NIBRS website for a listing of data fields.

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Date the data became available   Unknown
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