Municipal budget at a high level (e.g. planned budget by unit of appropriation with a programmatic description of each unit of appropriation). This category is about budgets which are plans for expenditure (not actual expenditure in the past). (More info)

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The City of Hartford publishes budget documents for both the recommended and adopted budgets that meet the criteria established by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. Both the recommended and adopted budgets for the current fiscal year in PDF format can be found here.

The operating budget expenditure account codes are listed within expense categories. Dollar amounts are displayed over time as: fiscal year 2011-2012 through the current fiscal year for both the recommended and adopted amounts. The capital projects are being shown from fiscal year 2013-2014 to the current fiscal year. Due to the information entered not all of the projects are able to be shown on the map. For those that do not have a specific location they are being mapped at 550 Main St. which is the location of City Hall.

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Approved; data is up to date within the current year and available directly via the Socrata site and the budget app. Capital budget is also included, with the caveats noted in the preview text.

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